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Story starts many years after Edward left Bella. Bella is a vampire and living a guy. Cullens and Bella meet again in high school or college. Rose and Alice see bite marks on Bella body but Bella uses her power and hides them. Bella and Edward get invited to a party and Edward ask Bella not to go. Bella say that if he is afraid that she will hurt to see him with his distraction he doesn't need to worry. Edward say that he is trying to save her virtue. Bella saw it too late for it. Alice meet Bella next and ask about her life. Alice sees a vision about Bella coming to party with some other guy and Edward coming with someone else. When Alice comforts, Bella tells her that she had moved on and so should Edward. In the party Bella come with guy and flirting with him. Edward leaves and Bella change her appearance. They talked and Edward kisses her & tells her that Bella forgot to charge her scent. Bella comes to Cullens house and tell them about her power. Cullens realize the bite marks were real and asks her what happened. Bella tells them she did it to herself...


I read this so long ago. So, Jacob imprints on a fox (or another animal, maybe a wolf) and isn't happy about it. Turns out the animal is also a shifter but doesn't remember it. I can't remember much more but it was well written. Please help me find this!

Please help!

I'm looking for an Edward and Bella fanfiction. I read or ages ago, it's a BDSM fic, the main points I remember are that they were celebrating their one year anniversary and Edward wanted to do something special for his submissive, Bella. She went to a spa and I recall her getting pony play gear which was used on her, that's all I can remember. If someone can direct me to it that would be awesome!



I am looking for a fic where Edward is a famous actor. Bella starts out working on the set doing small jobs around set and then starts getting bullied by the bitchy lead actress. Edward gets really upset when he finds out. Bella ends up directing a music video for a band and ends up writing songs for them. She also becomes friends with a famous rapper, Embry, and his two daughters. Edward is a part of a secret society in Hollywood that is run by men. Does any of this sound familiar? I just can't remember the title....

Help please

I'm looking for a fic about Edward and Bella.  I read it a while ago, and can't seem to find it again.  It has Edward wanting to find his mate, so he leaves the Cullens to search for her.  Bella shows up in Forks to visit her dad for the summer, I think she was like 12 or something like that.  Something happens, she falls into a lake or river or something and the Cullens rescue her, and Alice finds out she is Edwards mate.  He refuses to meet her in person though since she is so young, but she is basically taken in by the Cullens when she is in Forks.  She lives during the year with her mother and Phil, who is different than in the books. He is an abusive ass, and Renee just kinda lets it happen.  Later on, Bella finds out what the Cullens are, and dosen't care, she eventualy also meets Edward too.  He saves her from getting hit by a bus I think back home, back when she dosent know him.  He and his family are on vacation sking in Delani with the other family, when Alice has a vision that has Edward rushing to Bella's side to try to save her.  She told her mother she is moving to Forks to live with Charlie, and Phil ends up attacking her for it.  Later on, Renee ends up shooting Phil.  There is alot of little details here and there that I just cant remember right now, but if anyone has heard of this story, pleaes please tell me!!!

help please

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I am looking for a fiction where edward leaves bella in new moon but meet a while later and bellas attitude has changed. I think she rides a bike and is angry at edward because seth was hurt by a vampire whilst protecting her. I think tanya is in the story

many thanks

Edward meets Bella again in Chicago

Hi, The fic I'm looking for has Edward and Bella never getting together at high school in Forks- I can't remember the reason. Then Edward moves back to his old family home in Chicago (or maybe he's just visiting) when he sees Bella moving into the house across the street. He basically decides to stay and woo her. She knows nothing about vampires either.
Does this ring any bells? Thank you in advance :)


There is a fic that I read quite a while back which featured Alice getting a vision of Bella and Edward having a hybrid baby together. She and Rose (who isn't Bella's BFF but wants a baby in the family anyway) conspire with Bella to make this happen, which includes getting Bella a sexy wardrobe to tempt Edward with and a lesson for Bella to learn how to seduce him.

Bella seduces Edward and it works, and the baby is conceived. Bella came clean about Alice's vision but Edward is still thrilled. Due to safety/personal concerns (might be something to do with the wolves??) Bella and Edward relocate to Chicago and move into Edward's human childhood home. The rest of the Cullens, for reasons I can't remember, are not with them.

At one point, on the day they moved in, Edward played an Avril Lavigne ballad on his piano. I think a wolf, Jacob??, might have shown up in Chicago at one point and it isn't a good meeting. He might have lost his mind due to Bella's rejection.

I think the title might have 'shattered' or 'broken', 'glass' or 'mirror' in it...I've been trying to find it but I can't remember the name of the story or the author and Google was no help to me. Please, if anyone knows this story, let me know.

Thank you so much!!


Famous Edward

Ok so I am not sure if these are 2 different stories but I can't remember either if them. Please let me know if you know the names of them. Also, any other recommendations you have where Edward is a famous actor. Thanks!

1) Edward is famous. He and Bella meet on the same same flight. When the flight has to make an emergency landing they end up sharing a hotel room. The hotel is held hostage by terrorists and Edward and Bella make it out just before the building is blown up. Bella is married to Mike but she finally ends up leaving him for Edward.

So this may be the same story but I am not sure.

2)Edward is a famous actor. Bella isn't famous but they start dating. They go along the story line that Edward was dating famous actor Kristen Stewart until she cheated on him leaving him depressed. Then he meets Bella.

Please help!

Help Finding Post Breaking Dawn stories...

Most recently I read harvest moon and Full moon rising by content1 they are both post breaking dawn fics that are AMAZING.

I've also read Cold war, High noon, and Morning on fanfic.net

I'm pretty new to the fandom so I'm hoping there are other amazing stories out there that I haven't read yet... Must be cannon compliant( up to breaking dawn at least), Post breaking dawn, Must include the cullens (NOT focused solely on Renesme/Jacob)

Any ratings, any POV's

Please help me!! any recs are appreciated!