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I read this story years ago and it popped into my mind again yesterday and will not leave me alone until I re read it. However for the life of me I can't find it, even after trudging through hundreds of pregnancy fics.

The storyline was based on the idea that Edward had left Bella as per new moon. However before leaving he had gotten her pregnant which we find out later through a steamy flashback where we see their first time together in the shower. Bella discovers she is pregnant shortly after Edward leaves but realises the baby is growing far too quickly so she lies to charlie about the due date and he is disgusted because that date would mean Bella and Edward slept together almost as soon as she arrived in forks. Bella's relationship with her friends and charlie suffers terribly when they discover her pregnancy.

Desperate Bella begins calling every hospital in north america, asking for doctor Cullen, using up her pitiful college fund to try and track down Carlisle for help. Bella still believes Edward wants nothing to do with her but she needs Carlisle. Eventually she gets the right hospital and although reluctant to break Edwards orders Alice convinces Carlisle something is wrong as her visions of Bella are spotty. Bella agrees to meet Carlisle and Alice at a local airport to discuss why she needs to see Carlisle so urgently. When they arrive they immediately see Bella's issue. Alice buys an SUV for them to drive Bella in her delicate condition back to the new Cullen home. Along the way they discuss the pregnancy, learning of Bella's new need for blood when stopped at a gas station Bella has to ask Alice to take a thermos and fill it in the woods from any animal she can find. The Cullen's tell Bella that Edward does love her and they take her home.

Rosalie on seeing Bella but not realising who the father is assumed!mes she slept with someone else and makes a scathing comment about Bella moving on from Edward quickly. Eventually Edward returns, the wolves show up at some point too tracking Bella down.

Can anyone please tell me the name of this story, not being able to remember is driving me insane!?


Hi everyone I'm searching for a fanfic and I hope someone read this and knows and tell me: mmh..and thanks in advance, thisnis what I remember:

°Bella divorced jasper because he fall in love with some other woman
° Edward and Bella meet and started a relationship
°Edward is clueless of the situation that his sister is the woman that bella ex husband lelf her for.
°Edward gets mad at alice and jasper for hurting Bella and ruin his happiness
°When bella find out she end things with edward for a while but then got together

Vampire Bella fic

I'm looking for a fic on fanfiction.net. Edward never came back and Bella married Jake and had a daughter with him until Victoria turns her. Bella is forced to leave by the wolves and eventually starts teaching at a college (and maybe with little kids too?), where the Cullens find her. Eventually she and Edward marry and she gets to reunite with her daughter. I think since she's a shield Alice can't see her so all of the Cullens took advantage to surprise Alice at Christmas too.

Fanfiction Search

There is a specific sceen in mind.
After being chased by James, Bella is in the Phoenix airport with Jasper and Alice, waiting for Edward to come. She is contemplating leaving to go to the Ballae Sutdio, and realizes that the Cullens are family and she decides to go to them for help. She walks back out the bathroom and tells Jasper and Alice the deal.

Thanks for any help.



the premise is bella is some elite soldier for the volturi and they are human for the most part. every time they are hurt it is sealed with venom so little by little they become more vampire. there is like an uprising of children of the moon and her team, the best, take a helicopter when it gets bad to a town where they are ambushed. she goes in town alone and sets off giant bomb and then tells team to go back home while she holds of the werewolves. she ende up injecting herself with venom from eleazar and carmen who she thinks of as parents and is fighting through the change. Bell is a decedent of caius and has the power to connect to other vampires like threats (wolves etc) are red and the mate thread is gold. she find her mate in i think either rose or alice not sure and one of the guys from here team is named bull i believe. they get in some big war with the children of the moon and i think the romainians are helping them. caius feels when bella dies because that is his power but it was her dying from the venom injection. the cullens and denalis race over to this town across the ocean to help her and reinforcements come. if you have any idea what this is hit me up with the title,

Bell kidnapped


i am looking for fic where bella was kidnapped by james (vampire) Pre twilight and torture but escaped/rescued. Emmett and Jasper are her human friends, i think she has casual sex with them. Edward/alice/rosalie are vamps

Bella time travel

Hi everyone I need help finding a fanfic I be thankful for your help :)
What I remember is that:
*Bella was jealous of renesmee because she is with jacob
*bella regret choosing Edward instead of jacob
*I think a witch give her an amulet so she can go back in time with her memories and be with jacob
* A last minute alice see what bella is planning to do but os too late to stop her.
*also she is a vampire and want to be human again
*Bella go back in time
That's what I remember so if anyone know please help me
Also if you know any other story/ies about time travel that you can recommend feel free to tell me
Thank you for your time and help :)

Please Help

Hello, I am have been trying to find a story for awhile now and I need help. It is Bella and Edward story. I believe that Bella moves with her two sister Rosalile and Alice for a job working for Carlisle. Bella has a past with Carlisle before he left her and later married and had a kid with Esme. Bella becomes Edwards partner and he doesn't like her in the begining. Emmett and Jasper are also on the team and start dating Bella sisters. The five of them are cops or feds and they are trying to take down a man who tried to hurt Bella before. Thats all I can remember sadly. I hope that you can help me. Thanks

Feb. 27th, 2016

Hi I'm looking for a fic in which Edward ran away from home after being raped/assaulted. He basically destroyed his relationships with all his friends because he was so traumatized after the assault and someone in his family/one of his friends said something along the lines of: it would be better for everyone if you just left! So he did (on his motorcycle?). He got a job as a tattoo artist by chance, possibly when he went to get a tattoo for himself and Seth/Jacob saw how good he was at drawing. He never used his bank account so his family wasn't even sure if he was still alive.

Years later Bella, Emmett, Alice, etc. randomly choose to move to the city Edward lives in (I think they blindly put a pin in a map to find the place they were going to live). Bella sees a beautiful tattoo (of a tiger?) and learns that it's "Ed's work". She/the whole squad then sees Edward in a bar and I think Emmett punches him.

I think Edward has a shy cat he adopted (it was given to him by a neighbor as a kitten?). At some point in the story Emmett comes banging on the door and it scares the cat. Bella helps Edward tell everyone about his assault after he has a panic attack in front of them (when Emmett playfully slaps him on the back?).

I know this is a very long description, but I hope that it helps spark someone's memory about what fic this is. Thank you in advance!