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Looking for an Edward/Bella fic

I'm looking for an Edward/Bella fic I read along time ago. Renee is a super conservative Christian and Bella goes to a private school. She works in the library after school and bumps into Edward with the library cart and runs over to him and prays for him. Edward is a bad boy in this fic, a rebel I guess. Jessica's mom is part of Renee and Bella's church. Edward comes to Bella's house and comments on a picture of Jesus in her room. That's all I can remember. If you can find it, please let me know the name of it. Thanks.

LF an Angela Weber fic

I'm looking for a fic called (or somewhat along this line) A Day in the Life of Angela Weber. It was on but I can't find it anymore. The summary goes somewhat along this line "Not everyone in Twilight lives forever"

It's a oneshot where Angela and Ben set their wedding and Angela invites Bella over. She talks to Charlie about passing the message and Charlie said he was try. She then emails Bella via the email got had when they were communicating during college. In the end, Bella and the Cullens shows up at the wedding for 5 minutes, allowing Angela to see them and then leaves immediately. Angela emails Bella the next day and Bella responds.



I'm looking for a Paul/Bella story. It starts out with an older Bella has a 4yr old son, but she is not living in Forks. A vampire comes into her apartment to attack her, and her son ends up phasing into a wolf and protecting her. She's hurt and calls the Cullens for help. They knew Bella as she did go to Forks High, but were unaware that she knew they were vampires, as Bella and Edward were never more than friends.

The Cullens help Bella travel safely back to Forks, and later after she arrives, she goes to a bonfire and meets Paul, but her son is very protective of his mother. Bella then meets with the Elders to talk about the fact that her son is a wolf and that the father is from the Reservation. She is not 100% sure who the father is because she had a one night stand on the beach.

Paul does imprint on Bella and he remembers their night on the beach, but wasn't sure of her son's age so he didn't know but is elated to know the he is the father. The story progresses as usual with vampire attacks and the wolves persevering and has an HEA. Please help me remember the name of this story it is driving me insane!!!!!!

(This is my first time posting so I hope the tags are all correct.)

abused!bellasaved by cullens

Hey everyone, im looking for a fic where bella is a little kid and her dad abuses her. Rosalie is either her teacher or a trainee teacher ( maybe just helping out as work experience, i cant really remember) i think it was on and all of the other cullens were teenagers except carlisle and esme ( i think they were all human can't remember) rosalie saves her and the cullens adopt her, please help! Im really struggling to remember and it will annoy me until i find it. Thanks

Looking for a Jacob/Edward fic

This story is an Edward/Jacob slash, as mentioned above. In that story, Jacob literally plays Bella's role. I remember that Jacob and Edward meet first when Jacob accidentally hits a ball at Edward's car and breaks the car window. Another scene is where Jacob is over at Edward's house and Edward holds a burning hot oven tray in his hand and Jacob gets suspicious that Edward is not human. I'm not too sure whether Jacob is a werewolf in the story as he plays Bella's version of the Twilight story.

I know this isn't much to go on, but my memory is very foggy from having read the story a few years back. If anyone knows what this story is called, it would be much helpful.


Jun. 30th, 2014

Am looking for one where Erward and Bella are royalty and there is this tradition where before they get engaged they must see eachother naked (you know to see if they like what they see). I think A/J and R/E end up getting together too but Edward and Bella definately like what they see. I don't think it was too long-only like 10 chapters. Help?

Carlisle/Bella Smut Fics.


I'm looking for a series of stories, (the main couple Carlisle/Bella) and the Cullens all have a poly relationship with each other. I also think that one of the stories is called, Anticipation
looking for a fanfic where Charlie Swan goes to a council meeting with sue clearwater because she took her husbands set on the council when he died and hears the Charlie show up at the Cullen's home where the twilight books fall on someone's head. they decide to read the books taking turns reading chapters. I know the author wrote book eclipse but don't remember if they got any farther. The stories were on

first one is called Charlie reads twilight by direwolfy

looking for a copy please send to


LF Jasper/Bella AU Fic

I'm looking for a J/B fic that was AU after NM. Jasper ended up running into Bella in NYC, where she was working as a bartender/waitress at a club. Before Bella got the job, she used to have sex with guys in order to have somewhere warm to sleep/somewhere to shower, so there was a previous dubcon issue. And I think she ended up confronting the Cullens with Jasper when Edward had found a new innocent teenager to seduce? I don't remember a lot of the details. Except there were lugboots (Bella's favorite work footwear) and it might have been on


looking for 2 twilight fics

Hi! I’m looking for 2 fics:

1- Bella and Caius fanfiction where Edward is abusive to renesmee and at the final battle renesmee choice Caius as her new daddy. Caius is also Bella's true mate. Thay and Jacob more to Volterra, Italy.

2- a Bella and Jacob fanfiction where Jacob have to give Bella a blood transplant and she turn into a shapeshifter. Imprints on jacob